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Benefits of using oil purifier

 2021-07-05 | View:1867

Fried food is a common staple food in commercial kitchens today. Think of all the different fried foods we like: fried chicken, fried fish and chips, fried shrimp, chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, squid and donuts. These are just a few examples! As a restaurant owner or operator, you probably have at least one deep fryer in your kitchen, if not several. If you do have a deep fryer in your business, have you made the most of your fried food plan? Does your fryer produce better quality products? Have you got a better return on your fryer investment? If you do not filter the oil, your food quality and profitability will be affected. In fact, the oil purifier can maintain the quality of fried foods and increase profitability.

So how does the oil purifier maintain the quality of food? To answer this question, we need to understand how fried oil degrades over time during use. The four main causes of oil degradation are water, air, sediment and heat.

Oil purifier

First, water usually enters the frying oil in the form of ice crystals in frozen foods. Some water is also extracted from the food when it is cooking, especially if it contains too much marinade. Because the boiling point of water is much lower than that of oil, water is very destructive to frying oil. Second, when the oil is not covered, the air degrades the oil through oxidation. If the oil purifier is not used, the sediment left by the burning of food particles will cause the oil to smell, smell and turn black. Over time, the heat from the fryer itself will reduce the quality of the oil. As the fryer continues to heat the oil, the smoke point of the oil gradually decreases, causing the oil to smoke and deteriorate.

Remember, oil is also food! You can start with better quality products, but the quality of the food is as good as the quality of the oil. The burnt, degraded oil will give the fried food a bad taste and aroma. Its efficiency is also lower than that of clean oil. When you fry with expired frying, the bread crumbs or crust on the food will not become crispy quickly, and the food will absorb more oil. What you get is not a crisp golden product, but a darkened, greasy mess. The simple equation here is that cleaner oil equals better food, which is why you need to filter oil regularly. Therefore, the oil purifier can maintain the quality of fried food.