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Efficient two-stage vacuum transformer oil purification system

 2021-07-19 | View:1923

Vacuum transformer oil purifier can remove moisture, metal, dust, gas or other impurities in transformer oil. The purification system uses a vacuum control filter. The contaminated oil passes through a heated filter and is treated with a specially designed high vacuum system. It increases the average life of transformer oil, thereby helping to reduce the overall cost of machine maintenance.

Transformer oil purifier:

Specially designed for purifying switch oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, etc. It contains a unique dual-level evaporation system, two rows of nozzles and a larger evaporation area.

High vacuum oil purifier: high-efficiency two-stage vacuum transformer oil purification system

This series of purifiers can effectively remove solid impurities, moisture, gas, etc. in the new and old transformer oil. The "T" type vacuum evaporation tank helps to separate the oil from the evaporation tank and improves the evaporation efficiency.

Insulation oil purifier (semi-automatic):

It includes manual and automatic operation modes. The two-stage insulating oil filtration system removes all impurities in the oil, helping to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Transformer oil filter:

These machines need to be operated manually. It is very effective in purifying transformer oil, switch oil, cable oil, etc. Because of its ability to handle overvoltage and new transformer oil, it is used in substations and factory workshops.

Oil purifier

Ultra high pressure oil purifier:

This purifier is a better choice for ultra-high pressure projects. Substation maintenance contractors and utility companies need such purifiers.

Transformer oil purification (PLC control):

It uses a programmable controller. It helps to automate the entire oil purification process. It can remove water, gas, trace water and other harmful particles to increase the dielectric strength and obtain better performance.

Transformer oil purifier (explosion-proof):

It is especially suitable for explosive and flammable areas. It helps to purify lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, etc., and meet all requirements of explosion-proof work areas.

Transformer oil filter system (closed type):

This product comes with a waterproof and dustproof door. It can remove the gas, moisture, dust and all other impurities in the new and old transformer oil, thereby improving the flash point and dielectric strength value.