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The importance of industrial oil mist filtration

 2021-06-28 | View:1911

Oil mist separator, also known as oil mist eliminator or demister, is a technical term for filter systems, used where power generation engines or turbines operate, such as power plants and oil refineries. Oil mist removal and oil mist collection is an important aspect of any workplace. It not only provides cleaning, but also eliminates any safety hazards. Oil mist will become oily when it hinders itself on equipment and products.

Metal processing workshops and other workshops that use metal processing machinery usually use electronic equipment and other sensitive controls to control these machines. When these machines are coated with oil mist, they will disrupt the production process and form an oil film on the equipment and other tools. Not ideal. Long-term or repeated exposure to oil mist is harmful to your health.

Oil mist separator

The oil mist contains 90% to 95% water, and the rest of the mixture consists of soluble oil-but depending on the type of oil-based fluid used, it may contain many other additives. How to control the oil mist using the oil mist separator? The solution for oil mist is to install an industrial oil mist filter and use an industrial oil mist filter for oil mist collection. The oil mist collector solution provides a vertical configuration to filter oil mist, smoke and grinding dust. The use of glass fiber media filtration and HEPA filter options make it an ideal and safe solution for removing oil mist and smoke particles.

To ensure trouble-free operation, the turbine bearings are lubricated with oil. During the operation of the turbine, the friction of the shaft on the bearing will generate a lot of heat, thereby forming very fine oil droplets. If there is no oil mist separator, these oil mist separators usually escape to the atmosphere without being filtered, leaving oil films and dirty halls. The oil mist separator has high filtration efficiency and can be flexibly applied worldwide. Installation locations range from power plants, hydroelectric power plants and oil refineries to direct turbine manufacturers.