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What are the differences between an oil mist separator and lubricator?

 2021-05-24 | View:2307

From the name point of view, the two names are very similar, so do they refer to the same object? Is the oil mist separator the abbreviation of our oil mist separator? Actually otherwise, the difference between them is quite big, and I will explain them one by one next.

1. The principle is different

Lubricator: The lubricator uses compressed air as its power to spray lubricating oil into a mist and mix it with compressed air. The compressed air enters the parts that need lubrication.

Oil mist separator: The rotary screw filter of the oil mist separator first intercepts the solid particles in the inhaled medium, then high-pressure collision centrifugal separation intercepts the liquid mist, and then collects each oil mist containing fine dust and post-installs The activated carbon filter is directly discharged into the air through the fan. Two, the installation location is different

Lubricator: usually installed at the gas inlet and outlet of the cylinder, etc.

Oil mist separator: usually installed at the midpoint of CNC machining, cleaning machines, die-casting machines, CNC lathes and other machining equipment.

Three, different uses

Lubricator: Lubricator is a special lubricating device that atomizes the lubricating oil and injects it into the air stream, and then flows into the parts that need lubrication with the compressed air to achieve the purpose of lubrication.

Oil mist separator: The oil mist separator is used to absorb the oil mist in the processing chamber to purify the air, thereby protecting the health of workers.

Four, different occasions

Lubricator: Mainly used when the cylinder temperature is low and the gas movement speed is too slow.

Oil mist separator: It is mainly used when the gas in the cylinder contains a lot of oil vapor and water vapor, and the purity of the cylinder gas is low.