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How does the oil mist separator collect oil mist during processing?

 2021-05-17 | View:2168

Before talking about how the oil mist separator collects oil mist during processing, let's first understand the metal processing process. During processing, we generally use oil to cool, lubricate and clean metal particles. But in this process, part of the oil will become harmful oil mist, that is, emulsion oil mist. The oil particles of the emulsion oil mist are very small, so it is very difficult to collect, which becomes a hidden danger to health and safety! When the maintenance door of the machine tool is opened, the emulsion oil mist in the air in the machine tool will diffuse into the workplace, destroy the machine tool system and electronic equipment, and attach a layer of emulsion on the surface of all objects, resulting in frequent equipment failures and shutdowns.

The difficulty in collecting emulsion oil mist is mainly due to the different sizes of oil mist particles. The emulsion is a mixture of soluble oil and water. During the processing, the emulsion particles may decompose and the water may evaporate. If the oil in the oil mist is too concentrated, the oil mist becomes thick and adheres to the filter, causing the filter to fail.

So our oil mist separator was born. First, after the air enters the equipment, it will pass through a stainless steel filter screen. The steel wires promote the generation of turbulence, which causes the collision of smaller oil mist particles to form larger particles.

The automatic ejector system at the lower end can ensure that the oil in the emulsion will not be too concentrated on the surface of the filter element, and can be easily discharged to the collection point, thereby keeping the screen filter element clean and moist. Leak-proof, self-cleaning design increases equipment life and reduces daily maintenance.

Therefore, in the face of machine oil mist pollution, you must choose an effective and scientifically verified oil mist separator to give workers a safety guarantee for the machine!