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The working principle of oil mist separator

 2021-05-08 | View:1912

The oil mist separator is installed in CNC machining, cleaning machines, die-casting machines, CNC lathes and other machining equipment. The main function is to absorb the oil mist in the processing cavity, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air and protecting the health of workers. The oil mist separator is mainly divided into three steps: primary filtration liquid phase capture, secondary filtration gas phase interception and tertiary filtration vacuum mist suction. Next, I will introduce each step in detail. Step 1: The rotary screw filter first intercepts the solid particles in the inhaled medium. By completely intercepting larger solids and dust particles in the front section, the pressure on the back-end filtration is greatly reduced.

Step 2: High-pressure collision technology: aerosol particles are collected by the coarse-effect filter, and the fine particles are completed by the filter material step by step. Centrifugal separation intercepts liquid mist: the medium objects in the airflow are collected by different working parts, and the most suitable filter structure and material are selected for different media. Individual filters intercept aerosol particles: Improve the inherent structure of the airflow structure, reduce resistance and improve efficiency.

Step 3: After the oil mist containing fine dust is collected by the third stage of separation, the post activated carbon filter can effectively remove odors and harmful gases. The clean air is directly discharged into the air through the fan under the negative pressure of the fan.

The above is the working principle of the oil mist separator, you can contact me if you need it!