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Increase productivity with our oil purifier solutions

 2021-07-12 | View:2031

Viking oil purifiers extend the life of components and fluids (such as hydraulic systems and lubrication systems) by minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubrication performance, and reducing aeration. Corrosion in fluid systems can also be controlled by reducing acid formation.

Oil purifier

The oil purification system supports the removal of particulate contaminants in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil or insulating oil. We provide a full range of oil purifiers, allowing you to choose a customizable model that suits your application needs. Our oil purifier (oil dehydrator) will show a wide range of savings opportunities in the following areas:

1. Extend fluid life
2. Increase productivity
3. Purification of the collected liquid
4. Reduce fluid change time
5. Reduce the frequency of liquid handling
6. Minimize the corrosion in the fluid system
7. Improve equipment reliability

Viking oil purifier can remove 100% of free water and 80% of dissolved water, as well as 100% of free and entrained gas and up to 80% of dissolved gas. Particle removal is achieved by using high-performance Beta (ßX(c)>1000) filter elements to polish the fluid before it is discharged back to the system reservoir. Pall oil purifiers can be moved from one system to another. The automatic control device is an integral part of the device that continuously monitors the operation and safely shuts down the system when the liquid level and pressure indicate abnormal limits.

Viking oil purifier solutions are designed to be robust and reliable under difficult conditions. All components are easy to maintain, and the filter element is easily accessible.