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The oil return filter should be monitored frequently during use

 2021-02-03 | View:274

The use of oil return filters has brought a lot of convenience to many industries. In normal use, the anti-corrosion return oil filter should usually be inspected in a planned way, understand the relevant knowledge of the specific return oil filter, and check whether there is abnormal pressure. If there is an abnormal situation, please immediately ask a professional for inspection to maintain the quality of the internal products.
Because the return oil filter is designed for a specific application, each filter has precise characteristics, which must be followed to achieve effective filtration.
1. The oil return filter must be kept within the temperature range. Temperature exceeding this range will damage the filter and cause damage to the filter. A ruptured filter will allow purified air to escape from the filter.
2. Since the filter of the return oil filter is also worn, it is very important to carefully study how to monitor the efficiency of the anti-corrosion filter. A good way to monitor efficiency is to determine the cleanliness of the air coming out of the filter.
3. A common way to measure its efficiency is to measure the opacity of air. Opacity is the amount of light that can effectively pass through an object. If it is exhaust, please measure the opacity of the air. For pure air, the opacity will decrease, indicating that there are fewer pollutant particles.
4. When the filter needs to be cleaned or refurbished, the opacity will increase, which indicates that the oil return filter is not working properly. Another measure of the filter function of a filter is the air flow rate from the filter.
5. If the flow rate is high and clean air comes out, it means that the filter is not clogged or clogged and it is operating well. A lower flow rate indicates that the filter needs to be cleaned or refurbished.