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VKLP Centrifugal Oil Purifier
centrifugal oil purifier

VKLP Centrifugal Oil Purifier

The VKLP series centrifugal oil purifier can efficiently remove the solid pollutants in the oil, as well as the water and air in the oil in a dissolved and free state.
Features of VKLP series centrifugal oil purifier:
1. No filter material consumption: For purification equipment with oil filter as the core, the filter element must be replaced frequently due to the limitation of filter accuracy and dirt holding capacity, which not only increases maintenance costs, but also affects working hours. And this oil purifier adopts the principle of centrifugal vacuum compound type without oil filter....
Product Detail

Technical index

1.1 The relationship between the output flow and viscosity of the oil purifier (please refer to Table 2-1)

VKLP Oil purifierThe flow rate and viscosity have the following relationship:


Oil viscosity mm²/s










cleanliness level

NAS1638 Level 3



Note:① The output flow of the oil purifier decreases with the increase of oil viscosity;

② In order to change the output flow, the outlet pressure can be changed, but it is also affected by the viscosity.

Purification Efficiency
1.remove solid pollutants in oil and water
2.remove water and air in dissolved and free state.

1. No filter material consumption:

The oil purifier adopts the centrifugal vacuum compound principle without oil filtration material.
2. Large sewage carrying capacity
The sewage carrying capacity is greater than 500g, which is unmatched by any other filtering equipment.
3. Long maintenance interval
Due to the large sewage carrying capacity, it can work for a long time before maintenance is required.
4. Wide applicable environmental conditions
VKLP centrifugal oil purifier can work normally within the range of oil kinematic viscosity of 3-1000cst, which can not be reached by any other forms of oil purifiers.
5. High purification efficiency
The machine can meet the requirements of pollution control level at one pass, and the flow can reach 60L / min, which is difficult for other oil purification equipment.

1.2、Ability to remove free water in oil:

  If the content of free water in the unpurified oil is less than 0.25%, the mass content of free water in the oil after circulating purification is not more than 0.05% (that is, less than 500 ppm).

1.3、Pressure of oil purifier:

 ●The maximum output pressure of the oil purifier is not more than 0.40Mpa;

 ● The minimum working pressure of the oil purifier is not less than 0.15Mpa;

 ● The minimum setting pressure of the pressure switch of the oil purifier should not be less than 0.13Mpa.

1.4、The leakage of graphite sealing device is not more than 20cm3/h.

1.5、When the oil purifier starts to work, the volume of oil filled is no more than 18 liters.

2、The basic working principle of VKLP oil purifier (please refer to Figure 3-1)


Figure 3-1 VKLP oil purifier system principle diagram

1. Oil tank 2. Oil outlet pipe 3. Oil suction pipe 4. Pipeline 5. Regulating valve 6. Pressure gauge

7. Sampling switch 8. Pressure switch 9. Electric motor 10. Contamination box 11. Booster pump

12. Centrifugal cartridge assembly 13. Vacuum pump 14. Liquid level controller 15. Auxiliary oil tank

3、Composition of oil purifier:

3.1、The main components

  Car body, electric motor, centrifugal cylinder assembly, vacuum circuit assembly, dirt receiving box, instrument panel, electric control box, hydraulic pipeline, four damping wheels, etc.

3.2、Centrifuge tube assembly


Figure 3-1 The structure of the centrifuge cartridge assembly

  It is composed of a front end cover, a cylinder, a central shaft assembly, an oil collecting impeller, a reinforcing frame and other elements. The centrifuge cylinder and the front end cover are fixed together by a snap ring. They are supported on the central shaft assembly by upper and lower guide sleeves, and the front end cover is The reinforced frame is connected, and the bowl-shaped plastic parts are superimposed on the frame. The plastic parts are squeezed together by the cylinder body and the front end cover. When the front end cover is driven by the pulley to rotate at a high speed, the purified oil is sucked into the centrifuge cylinder and discharged after purification.

3.3、Contamination box

   When the centrifuge drum rotates at high speed, the contaminants in the oil are thrown on the wall of the drum. After the centrifuge drum stops rotating, the contaminants attached to the wall of the drum under the action of gravity are deposited in the dirt receiving box.

3.4. Dashboard (please refer to Figure 4-3)


Figure 3-3 Schematic diagram of the dashboard

The instrument panel is equipped with a pressure regulating switch, a system pressure gauge, a sampling switch, a start and stop button for the centrifugal cylinder motor, a rotary switch for the vacuum pump motor, and a signal light.

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