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OMB.CF Centrifugal Lube Hydraulic Oil Mist Eliminator/Oil Demister/high efficiency Oil Mist Separator for Turbine and Compressor
OMB.CF centrifugal oil mist separator

OMB.CF Centrifugal Lube Hydraulic Oil Mist Eliminator/Oil Demister/high efficiency Oil Mist Separator for Turbine and Compressor

The core of Changzhou Viking OMB series high-efficiency oil mist separator adopts "coalescing and separation" technology to remove oil mist in oil fume. The device integrates two functions of oil mist filtration and high-efficiency separation, which can effectively remove particulate impurities, atomized oil fume and water vapor in the flue gas. The function is divided into: centrifugal coarse separation, motion impact two-stage separation and high-efficiency coalescence separation three-stage separation multiple filtration technology. This device is specially developed for the lubri...
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Technical principle of high-efficiency coalescence and separation:

VIKING’s OMB.CF series efficient centrifugal oil mist separator combines efficient filtration and separation, using coalescing methods as its core rules to remove the oil mist from the lampblack. The device is specifically developed for the lubrication system, can retain the vacuum pressure of the oil tank at -20~-50mm water column and maintain the maximum vacuum pressure up to -200mm water column.The device uses two ways, such as moving impact, second -stage efficient coalescing to remove particles, lampblack and vapor in the tank, to avoid the environmental secondary pollution. It can also obviously reduce the consumption of lube oil and maintain the oil tank pressure at “0” level when the blower fan is shut down unexpectedly. The design of this equipment with obvious advantages is better than others.

The high-efficiency coalescence and separation filter element is composed of a variety of imported materials with different materials and characteristics. At present, the coalescence and separation materials used by Changzhou Viking are all products of famous foreign companies, which can ensure the use effect. Different materials have different filter gaps, surface tension characteristics, lipophilic/hydrophilic, oleophobic/hydrophobic polarities. Through the combined use of different materials, the three purposes of filtration, coalescence and separation can be achieved, so as to ensure the final separation effect.




In addition to oil fume, oil mist also contains various solid particles. The presence of solid particles will affect the effect of coalescence and separation, greatly reducing the service life of the filter element. Viking coalescing separation filter element designs high-efficiency deep filtration before the coalescing separation layer, and the flue gas can pass through the coalescence separation filter element after deep filtration, which greatly improves the life of the filter element.

Coalesce according to the surface tension of the medium. The coalescence layer is a multi-layer winding structure, composed of 3-4 materials. Through a specially designed gas channel structure, the structural change of the flue gas from small oil and gas to large oil droplets is realized. Viking coalescing separation filter element combines the core technology of PALL, with large throughput and strong coalescence ability. It can be used in harsh environments saturated with oil mist for a long time. It has advantages that traditional methods such as sintering method and felting method cannot match.



The flue gas passing through the coalescing filter element will enter the separation layer of the filter element. The large oil droplet moves forward under the drive of the gas, and collides with the separation layer due to the lipophilic/oleophobic polarity. Finally, due to gravity, the large oil droplet settles to the bottom of the container.

The oil separated by the oil fume fan is very clean and can be used directly back. Viking oil mist separator meets the design requirements of P&ID system diagrams of foreign oil stations. The oil discharge pipeline is specially reserved, and the pipeline penetrates below the minimum liquid level.

System schematic diagram:


Technical Parameter

Working Medium: Lubricating Oil Fume

Entrance Pressure:-2Kpa(Max);

Static Pressure Allowed:-8Kpa,

It uses two-stage separation methods to remove oil mist. The first is coarse aggregation, the second is coalescing-separation. Its efficiency of removing oil mist is equal or greater than 99.9% and the oil particles of lampblack excluding is less than or equal to 1μm.

The inlet and outlet of the oil mist separator is provided with a bypass pipeline connected with a manual butterfly valve to regulate the air supply volume of the fan.

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